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Run The Algorithm With Your Portfolio!

Prophits GP5 Beta

The future of where stock research ideas are found is on its way. Use this "public beta" system in the meantime.

What is Prophits GP5?

Prophits is built to generate stock research ideas for professional investors. Bloomberg, Morningstar, and [insert your preferred stock screener here] give one of two results to users. Either you put in too few parameters and the list of stocks to research is gargantuan or you put in too many parameters and the list is short, but there are many opportunities (stocks) that are not being included.

Prophits uses AI to act as a decision-making unit to help give a good list of stocks to research without overwhelming users.

Importantly, Prophits does not take into account market cap, sector, multiples, etc. Instead, it considers a list of stock holdings (only your top 7 for the beta) and ratings. The stocks will be rated on a scale of 1-7 with 7 is the highest conviction and 1 being lowest.

In the form to the right enter your holdings, ratings, and email to see your results below.

If you work for or run a fund and you want a more customized and in-depth algorithm, then reach out here to hear about our offerings.


Enter your top 7 holdings and a rating on your conviction in them with 7 being the most conviction.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to having your holdings added to an anonymous dataset.

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