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About Us

Prophits is built to generate stock research ideas for professional investors. Bloomberg, Morningstar, and [insert your preferred stock screener here] give one of two results to users. Either you put in too few parameters and the list of stocks to research is gargantuan or you put in too many parameters and the list is short, but there are many opportunities (stocks) that are not being included.

Prophits uses AI to act as a decision-making unit to help give a good list of stocks to research without overwhelming users.

Importantly, Prophits does not take into account market cap, sector, multiples, etc. Instead, it considers a list of stock holdings (only your top 7 for the beta) and ratings. The stocks will be rated on a scale of 1-7 with 7 is the highest conviction and 1 being lowest.

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Check out the articles on the Prophits site to hear about everything from investing the Streaming Wars to financial history. There are even some resources to better understand the algorithm.


If you are looking for content in a different form you can go to our YouTube channel where you can watch videos and listen to some podcasts with Jamie Catherwood and Srivatsan Prakash.


We send out newsletters whenever the dataset is updated or other exciting developments happen. To stay up to date with the action subscribe.


Soren Peterson
Founder & CEO at Prophits

Soren started Prophits in December 2020 in order to create a better way for professional investors to find the stocks they research. Before Prophits Soren ran the Lookout Investor Blog which focused on financial bubbles dating back to the 1720s. Now he writes the Pillars And Profits Newsletter which focuses on long-term quality growth stocks.

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