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Through our forums users can share thoughts connected to specific companies.


Portfolio creation lets users track new ideas while monitoring old ones.

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Suggesting individual investment ideas based on user preferences.

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Apply to write articles on subjects that interest you.

Our Mission

Prophits’ mission is to create a community of long-term focused investors. Our platform seeks to help generate new ideas as well as preserve old ones. Connecting people and creating interesting conversations that increase our knowledge. We want to not only help you grow your skills as an investor but also expand your knowledge, network of people, and investing prowess. Our goal is not to be only a tool, but rather a toolbox for your investing success.


Our Core Values:

  1. Stay susceptible to betterment

  2. Help people become more financially intelligent

  3. Work to teach others and ourselves

  4. Limit risk by increasing knowledge

  5. Our overarching objective is to improve the world by helping young investors in their personal financial journey


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