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4 Key Takeaways From John Malone On Streaming

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

John Malone is the CEO and Founder of Liberty Media a global broadcasting brand and pioneered the US cable business. Through this experience, he has learned a thing or two about the industry here are some of the fundamentals of the industry and its many strategies.

As the Streaming Wars enter their next phase, here are four guidelines for media investors to watch from John Malone’s talk:

1. Direct Customer Relationship vs. Content Strategies

With the big cable bundle dying, Malone highlights two main strategies for streaming companies. First, build a direct customer relationship - how many people do you already have a direct billing relationship with? Amazon(AMZN) and Apple(AAPL) are examples here because they already have their customers’ credit card numbers, emails, and other information. Even if streaming isn’t Amazon’s and Apple’s main revenue stream, they can use streaming video to make their services stickier.