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What is Prophits?

We use a list of holdings from professional investors like Warren Buffett, Terry Smith, Bill Nygren and more to give you ideas of stocks to research based on the company you enter. For example, if you entered ticker "MCO" then you might get back the holdings of Warren Buffett and Chuck Akre (aka shareholders of MCO). Our algorithm works very similarly to Netflix's which recommends TV Shows or Movies instead we suggest stocks. Try out our algorithm above and tweet @ProphitsApp what you get.


How It Works:

Prophits is powered by an Artificial Intelligent algorithm. Prophits AI uses a list of professional investors to base its suggestions on. For example, if you were to enter AAPL into the program our AI would look at all of the shareholders of AAPL and find the most popular stock between them. 


This means these research ideas are not based on sector, size, or style of investing, but on actual investors and how they invest. The AI allows for completely different investors who share even just one holding to be connected in the algorithm. Prophits gets all of this information from a custom dataset that includes over 2000 holdings split between over 50 different investors and funds. This dataset includes many great investors like Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Chuck Akre, and many more. Our dataset is a curated list of investors and funds that is updated quarterly. If you have any ideas of public funds to add to the list or would like to inquire about names on the list please send us a message through the Contact Page.




Why should I use Prophits?

You should use Prophits because it will give you completely unique research ideas because our dataset to calibrate the algorithm is unique to us. Prophits isn't a stock screener either it is an AI algorithm meaning it doesn't use the standard methods of giving suggestions e.g. sector, size, stats, etc.

Why shouldn’t I just use a stock screener?


Stock screeners are great because they narrow down the list of companies by a multitude of measures to find something specific, however, Prophits doesn’t care about the size or sector of a company it only focuses on the other holdings of its shareholders. This lets users receive more organic and unique responses.


Does Prophits use sectors to sort companies?


No Prophits doesn’t use sectors or anything like that to find its ideas. Prophits finds what’s popular among the shareholders of the company you enter and give those back as ideas.


Is Prophits a stock screener?


No. Prophits is a research tool that gives the same result as a stock screener (a company for a user to research), however, Prophits isn’t built to narrow down long lists of companies into a more manageable one it’s meant to give a few ideas based on the professional investors who have already invested time and money into a stock.


How do you know who holds these companies?


We draw information from 13-F filings made by investors or funds that are public. Then we import that information into one big dataset and our Prophits algorithm uses it to give research ideas to users.


Can you run custom models with specific datasets based on my own selections of investors?


Prophits is not currently set up for users to use individualized datasets, however, if you reach out to us by email at or the Contact Page we can talk about individual licensing.

Our Mission

Prophits’ mission is to create a community of long-term focused investors. Our platform seeks to help generate new ideas as well as preserve old ones. Connecting people and creating interesting conversations that increase our knowledge. We want to not only help you grow your skills as an investor but also expand your knowledge, network of people, and investing prowess. Our goal is not to be only a tool, but rather a toolbox for your investing success.


Our Core Values:

  1. Stay susceptible to betterment

  2. Help people become more financially intelligent

  3. Work to teach others and ourselves

  4. Limit risk by increasing knowledge

  5. Our overarching objective is to improve the world by helping young investors in their personal financial journey


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